There is a lot to do when moving. Much of it is not about the move itself but arranging for services, notifying people, and transferring information.

Moving takes a lot of planning. But, it can go a lot easier with a comprehensive moving checklist. Some of what is below will apply to any move, some items are for apartment movers. Some moving checklist items apply to those with kids or pets. Review the list below and take what is best for you.

Research Moving Options

Decide how you want to move

Professional Movers

  • Research moving companies in the area
  • Narrow list
  • Arrange in-home quote or virtual quote
  • Determine scope of service
  • Full service – packing to unpacking
  • Partial Loading to unloading
  • Determine items that may need additional damage protection

Self Moving

  • Determine how much you are moving
  • Will it be a single move more move over multiple trips
  • Reserve truck & equipment for moving date
  • Arrange for moving help – friends/family/hired help
  • For new area, drive/review the parking and unloading area to be familiar prior to move day

Arrange Permits & Permissions

  • City/municipal parking/loading permits
  • Building freight elevator and loading bay access
  • Apartment complex or closed community moving van access

Purging & Packing

Purging your items

  • Identify organizations that will accept donations & the types of items
  • If not already done, establish accounts with online sales sites
    • Craig’s List, FB Market Place, eBay, etc
  • Talk to friends & family to see if they want any item you want to purge
  • Sort through items and organize those to be purged
  • Stage by which organizations/people will receive them
  • Arrange for pickup or deliver items


  • Obtain/buy boxes & packing material
  • Packing by room
  • Be sure to label boxes on all sides
    • Room, items or category
  • Review packing tip videos
  • Obtain/buy boxes & packing material
  • Packing by room
  • Be sure to label boxes on all sides
    • Room, items or category
  • Do not overload boxes
  • Take photos of electronics’ wiring

Medical Resources

  • Arrange last examinations with current providers
  • Check insurance & the covered networks in new locations
  • Research / find doctors
    • Medical
    • Dental 
    • Eye
    • Specialists
  • Arrange for medical records transfer prior to the first visit

Kids & Moving

  • Arrange for day-of-move care
  • Pack “kids” box w/ items they’ll want upon moving into the new home.
  • Arrange post-move activities to give them something to look forward to.
  • Schools
    • Contact school administration in the new town
    • Learn process/requirements transferring students
    • Contact old school for record transfer
    • Learn about required residency documentation
    • Learn and arrange for vaccination requirements

Pets & Moving

  • Arrange for transportation
    • If by air, obtain require crating
    • Will pet need a sedative
  • A place for moving day
  • Research veterinarians in the new area
  • Research required vaccinations/tags for the new location
  • Arrange transfer of records from prior vet

Notify organizations & Utilities

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Sewer
  • Cable
  • Internet
  • Phone
  • US Postal Service
  • Gym memberships – cancel

 Notify People of New Address

  • Friends & Family
  • Professional service
    • Attorneys
    • Accountants
    • Financial planners/institutions
    • Insurance company
    • Employer (if staying)

Preparing Old & New Homes

  • Former home
    • Vacuum floors
    • Clean bathrooms & kitchen
    • Clear our garbage
  • New home
    • If possible, arrange for cleaning prior to move-in day
    • Arrange for any painting or new flooring