Are you moving?

You’re used to having light & internet at your fingertips. But, you know they don’t just appear. You need to be sure you set them up before you move or your first night in the new place will be dark and boring.

Planning is everything, so don’t put it off

These 5 tip will help you get utilities set up and ready for your move in day.

1. Plan Ahead

Once you know your new address, get started.

Allow at least 4 weeks to work with companies. They all have different lead times, so call asap to find out when you need to schedule set up.

Here are the most comon utilities:

  • Water/Sewer
  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Cable Television or Satellite TV
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Security Systems or Alarm System

If you have a local move, you can probably just transfer most of your accounts to your new home.

A long-distance move will require new accounts. This may require deposits and credit checks before things can get set up.

Even if the new place has utilities currently setup, you may still need to schedule appointments to have them turned on. This is especially true with gas and water.

2. Research Utility Options

In some cases, you won’t have a choice about your providers. But, more often now, even gas and electricity can have more than one provider. While the utility delivery company may be the same, the provider of the gas or electricity can be different.

Talk to landlords, real estate agents, and local residents. They can let you know about customer support, reliability, and maybe even costs.

3. Getting Utilities Set Up

Most companies have online setup processes. Check out the websites, or if you are more comfortable talking to someone, they’ll have customer support people ready to help. Just give them a call.

Water or electricity usually can be set up with you being present. Others, such as internet service will require you to let the service tech into the home.

4. Be prepared with questions

Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Anything that isn’t clear, ask.

Take notes and be sure to have the names of people you spoke with and when.

With detailed notes, you’ll be able to check your bill against what was promised during the setup.

5. Seve Money

Don’t be shy. Speak up and you can save money.

Ask for a Discount

Ask about special discounts. For students, seniors and veterans especially, companies provide discounts. But, ask if there are any general discounts as well.


Beware of special offers. These can be great ways to save money for the first few months, or even the first year. Just make plans to negotiate the rate increase prior to the end of the promo term.

Setting up utilities can be easy

Follow these simple tips, and setting up utilities won’t be a problem.