Your movers are doing a great job packing up your things, and you want to let them know how grateful you are for their hard work. It can be tough to see if it’s appropriate to tip your movers. Check out these tips on letting your movers know that you’re thankful for all they do to help you get out of your old home and into your new spot.

Is Tipping Permitted?

You’ll want to check the moving company’s website or talk to your move consultant to find out their policy on tipping. Some companies have a strict no-tipping policy, while others leave tipping to the customer’s discretion. If you decide to tip, it’s a good idea to tip everyone who participated in moving you the same amount of money. Tipping in cash is fast and simple – always go this route over writing a check if you can. Let’s look at some other ways you can also show movers how much you appreciate their hard work.

Get The Day Started Right

When your movers arrive in the morning, it’s great to have breakfast available. This doesn’t need to be fancy – coffee, donuts, or fruit go a long way in helping your movers feel welcome and energized.

Ordering Lunch

As the day goes on and it’s time for lunch, feel free to ask the movers what they’d like to eat if you want to treat them to lunch. People with the best intentions often order pizza, which can result in movers eating pizza every day for a week straight. However, movers will appreciate that you want to treat them to lunch, and they’ll love getting to choose where the food is coming from.

Quench Their Thirst

Moving is hard physical work, and it’s nice to have water and soda available to movers. If it’s warm in the house and you don’t want to set bottles of water out, let your moving team know that there’s water and ice in the fridge and freezer, and that they’re free to help themselves. Since most of your cups are likely packed away, it’s smart to have disposable cups or throw-away water bottles available.

They’re Not Just Packing You Up

Your movers are working twice. They’re packing your things and unpacking them at your new home. If you get the same moving team at your new home or a new group, remember to offer the amenities you offered at your old home. As people settle into their new space, they often forget that the movers are still hard at work.

Say Thank You

Movers will appreciate snacks, drinks, and tips. Giving movers a heartfelt thank you for a job well done is essential. Many moving teams aren’t given the appreciation due to the customer’s focus on other aspects of the move. A handshake and a sincere appreciation of gratitude can go a long way.