Cross Country Movers are usually associated with national van lines, the actual cross-country moving companies. While not an official designation, it helps to separate the movers you will work with and the moving companies that coordinate the aspects of a cross-country move.

Cross-Country Van Lines

Van lines are national companies that provide the logistical support and tools necessary to facilitate a cross-country move. The van lines are not usually transporting the items; their agents are (see below.) So, why do you need a van line?

Coordinate Moving Loads

Often, a household move across the country is not indirect. One truck may carry goods for several moves to different cities as well. A move from New York City to San Diego can require a stop in Chicago, where the load is transferred to another truck bound for Los Angeles. That truck also carries items from other cities. In Los Angeles, the items may then be put on another truck to head down to San Diego. 

Coordinating loads achieve maximum efficiency, utilizing as much carrying capacity as possible. This minimizes cost and could not be easily possible without the logistics of the van Lines.

Setting Standards Among Movers

When moving items across the country, several movers will control the loads. As a consumer, you want every one of those movers to live up to the standard of the company you contracted. To become a van line agent, movers must adhere to higher standards, ensuring consumers a unified experience.

Best Van Lines for cross-country moves

There are several national van lines. Often, movers will be agents with more than one.  As you look for a moving company to work with, you should assess the van line and the mover you eventually contract with.

National Van Lines

Allied Van Lines

Arpen Van Lines

Atlas Van Lines

Bekins Moving Solutions

Mayflower transit 

North American Van Lines

United Van Lines

Wheaton World Wide Moving

Van Line Agents

Every cross-country move starts with a mover with whom you negotiate. This mover is usually a local company licensed in your state and is one of many agents for a van line. While the van lines are involved in the cross-country move or interstate move, the agent offers additional services such as storage, local moves, pods, etc.