There is a wide array of moving companies. Pick any town, and you are likely to have your choice between small, local movers, long-distance moving companies, and international movers. When you decide to move, picking a mover can be intimidating. Our objective is to provide you with information to help decide which movers are better for your move and to understand the moving process.

Two of the first questions a mover will ask you are where you are moving from and where you are moving to. They want to know if the move is local or long distance (learn more about the differences between a local and long distance move.) If they provide that type of move, they’ll ask more questions and ultimately provide you with an estimate for you move.

Local Moving

Moving down the street, across town, or the next town over, local moves can be serviced by a variety of movers. Depending on the availability of your new place and when you have to move out, local moves can often be made in stages, easing the pressure. Learn more about local moving here.

International Movers

Moving internationally has a unique set of issues. From the heightened emotional burden to nailing down logistics and documentation, moving abroad is a very different experience. Check out some additional information here.

Long Distance Moving

Long Distance moving usually involves crossing state lines, but for larger states, a long-distance move may be within a state. Either way, there are some common aspects of the move including how it is priced and how you manage your movers. Here is more information about long-distance moves.

Moving Advice to help make moving easier

There are a lot of movers out there. Most are very reliable and trustworthy. But, there are enough unscrupulous moving companies out there that you need to educate yourself, checking on those you might consider hiring to move your home or office.

Special Article: Moving to a new state alone?

When you’re moving to a new state alone, you face many challenges. It can be overwhelming, from planning the move on a budget (and only your two hands) to getting settled into a new city. Check out our tips on Moving To A New State Alone.