Finding the right mover

Finding moving companies to handle your local, long-distance, or international move can be daunting.

Obviously, to find the right moving company for your move, Google movers near you. But, don’t stop there.

The right moving reviews

Read through the reviews. You are not just looking for positive moving reviews, you want to read about moves that are similar to yours. The experience of a person with a local move may be quite different than that of a person with a long-distance move.

Will you need storage, international documentation help, or specialty equipment moved? Other unique things about your move? Look for reviews that mirror your needs to narrow down the scope of movers you’ll contact.

Get References for Movers

Don’t be shy, ask! You are investing time, money, and a great deal of emotion. Don’t leave your experience to chance. Good moving companies will have references happy to speak with you.

Obviously, movers are only going to supply you with good references. But, you want to talk to them about what to expect from a customer’s perspective. What were some of the things that pleasantly surprised the reference or that the person thought could have been better?

Get a Moving Quote in Writing!

When we meet nice people, we tend to trust them, and that’s fine. But, a moving quote help in multiple ways.

The obvious reason for a written quote is to protect you. You know how much it will cost, which is important.

But the moving quote also needs to be detailed. Just talking with an estimator without getting a detailed quote can lead to misunderstanding. It is not a case of someone trying to take advantage of you, but things are heard differently than intended. So, get a detailed quote in writing.

Read the moving quote! Don’t assume that the quote will reflect what was discussed. Be sure. Read it thoroughly, and write down any questions or needed clarification to ask the mover before signing. Again, don’t assume.