When moving internationally, there is a lot to be done. Moving to another country, often an overseas move involves logistics, customs, and regulations. During an international move, you will want to have an experienced mover that is familiar with all these aspects. Miss a beat on any one element and your move can be severely delayed.

Logistics of Internation Moving

The reality of international relocation is that there are a lot of components involved in moving your items from the US to any destination worldwide.

Packing & Crating for a move

With international moves, the proper crating of your belongings is critical. The mode of transport can vary depending on where you move, but it is likely that your items will be traveling by at least two methods. Crating will be imported to ensuring they arrive in good condition.

Moving by truck

Unless you’re moving to Canada or Mexico, it is unlikely that your move will be completed with just a truck. The truck will pick the items from your home and transport them to a distribution center.

At the distribution center, your items may be further crated for the specific modes of transportation in your moving plan.

On the receiving end of your move, your items will likely be loaded into another truck to be delivered to their final destination.

Moving by Ship

Ship transport is the most often used method of getting your goods from the US to another country. The crated items will be loaded to a shipping container and transported to a port for loading on a ship. It will likely be in a container with other items/goods.

Upon arrival at the destination port, the shipping container may either be unloaded and the items loaded to another vehicle, or the entire container may be placed on the bed of a truck or train.

Transport by Train

Depending on your starting point, your items may be placed in a shipping container and loaded on a train to transport to a port for shipping overseas.

On the receiving end, as mentioned above, your items may be removed from the ship and loaded on a train once again.

Customs & Imigration w/ International Relocation

Each country has a set of rules that governs what and who can enter the country. These rule vary greatly from country to country, so it is important that you work with an international relocation expert with the experience necessary to avoid delays.