Are you moving to another state alone? As of July 2020, about a fifth of U.S. adults has moved or known someone who has moved within the year. If you’re among these statistics, and more precisely, you are moving alone, you might wonder how to implement a successful move by yourself. You may have various reasons for moving to another state alone, including job prospects, family, or a sense of adventure.

Moving for a fresh start is challenging, but it can be very exciting. With a strategic plan in place, you can make a move with stability and reassurance. Our how-to guide can help you determine the steps you need to take to move successfully.

When you are moving to a new state alone, one of the first things you need to determine is the balance between your resources. Money, time, and energy are the three things you need to decide upon. If you have the money, you can spend less time and energy. If you don’t have as much for your moving budget, then you’ll need to spend more time and energy facilitating your move.

Find an All-Inclusive Moving Company

A move to another state alone requires a lot of planning, and it also requires physical help. From packing up your belongings, carrying them into a moving truck, and unpacking, it’s a lot you can’t do on your own.

Scheduling professional help is essential to move within your timeline and save yourself from damaged belongings. Packing is a unique skill that requires care to ensure all your belongings make the trip safely.

From full-service movers, you can arrange for everything to be managed and executed by the moving company. Some have “white glove” moving, where you basically just arrange for them to literally handle everything from packing to unpacking and setting up your belongings in your new home.

Find a long-distance moving company that can provide everything you need within budget. You’ll gain a variety of moving benefits, including a shorter timeline, a safer process, and storage solutions if needed.

Try a Container Move

If you do not have the funds for a full-service move and have to handle most of the packing and unpacking on your own, take a look at container moves. While you still want to have movers handle the large items that a person cannot handle alone, containers are a great way for an individual to handle moving.

Container companies can drop off a moving container at your location prior to your move date. Over a short period of time, you can box and move your items into the container. Once done, the container company takes the container to your new location. If you want, they can store it for you if your move-in date is not imminent.

Once at your new place, professional movers handle the large items, and you work on the moving container. You can take your time or hurry through the unpacking. The key is you can handle it when you move alone to another state.

Rent a Truck & Hire Helpers

If you are comfortable driving a large vehicle and have the funds to hire helpers, this is a good option for individuals. Companies like U-Haul and Penske likely have rental facilities near your starting address and new location, facilitating a one-way rental.

In many towns, you can hire workers to help you move items into the rental truck and then, on the other side, move them into your home. It is usually an hourly rate that is dependent on your market. Push comes to shove, you can even hire local college students to assist.

Update Your Address and Paperwork in Advance

Before you move to a new city, save yourself a headache by preparing documents and paperwork ahead of time. You may not realize there’s an administrative side to moving, but it can take a lot of time if it isn’t done properly.

Before the move, make a list of all your subscriptions and essential mail. You can contact USPS to forward most of your mail, but it may not catch everything. Make a point to reach out to each person or service and provide your new address.

When you move to a new state, you’ll also have to establish residency. If you drive, that also means applying for a new driver’s license. Look into your sate’s requirements ahead of time so you come prepared.

Join Community Groups and Organizations

Moving to a new city alone can be very isolating. If you don’t know anyone in your area, building a new support system is important. After your move, make a point to stay active in your community.

Consider the following options depending on what you enjoy:

  • Professional organizations
  • Volunteer groups
  • Local meetups
  • Coed sports teams
  • Neighborhood associations

Remember that you may have to try a few options before finding a good fit.

Arrange for visits

When you move to another state alone, missing friends and family is a natural feeling. Being by yourself can be intimidating or lonely. Before your move, ask friends to plan visits, scattering their trips over the first couple of months after your move.

Having a familiar face around periodically will help ease you in as you meet new people as well. Knowing you’ll have family or friends visiting will also give you. something to look forward to. It will help to mix familiar with new.

Create a Solid Plan for Moving to Another State Alone

Before moving to another state alone, make a plan that you can stick to. As much as you can plan ahead of time will help remove the stress from a lot of change. Finding as much help as possible is essential.