The appeals of moving to the suburbs seem virtually limitless: extra space, the lack of rent, free parking, and even quick access to wide outdoor space. However, dropping everything to move from the city to the suburbs is another thing entirely.

After all, if you’re not prepared, you risk your move becoming far more stressful than it should be. But what steps can you take to keep your move as easy as possible without breaking the bank?

Well, the answer is here. It’s time to take a look at what to expect when moving to the suburbs before you hire any home moving services! So let’s get started.

School Connections

One of the benefits of moving to the suburbs is easy access to public schools, but there’s a complication to that. Public schools tend to have specific geographic boundaries for students they’ll accept in regards to systems like school buses to and from school, so be sure you know how those boundaries operate before you move.

Some school districts also have feeder patterns (or a designated path for students in an area to follow as they go between grades) that you should learn about too.

Check the Utilities

Another important tip to prepare for your move to the suburbs is to test all the utilities in the house you’re moving to and make sure they work. This is because unlike city apartment buildings, if the utilities suffer a problem it’s on you to get someone to fix them (rather than your landlord).

It’s also a great idea to take some time to familiarize yourself with what utilities and tasks differ from the city. For example, the responsibility of gathering all of your garbage properly and leaving it for the trash trucks falls to you now.

Budget Before the Commercial Moving Services Arrive

If nothing else, make sure you account for the new expenses that come with living in the suburbs before you move. Public transportation is less common in suburbs, meaning you’ll need to budget to get a car or find some new mode of transportation.

You will also have to start paying property taxes since you are the sole owner of your house now, as well as the utility bills (in place of rent). While not as much of a cost-sink, making sure you have tools to take care of your lawn and keep it neat should also factor into the budget. Otherwise, you risk getting the local neighborhood association pissed at you.

Learn the Rules 

Going off that note, make sure that you know any rules set by your local neighborhood association if you are moving to a suburb with one. Failure to comply with said rules can lead to fines, being forced to make changes to your home, or even lawsuits.

Make Moving to the Suburbs Smooth

Now that you are aware of how to make moving to the suburbs from the city as easy as possible before home moving services arrive, you’re ready to make your long-awaited move. And if you need more help (or a moving team) along the way, be sure to give us a shout and let us know how we can help.