Many people struggle with the organization of their homes. This is usually because they are short on time or money. So today, we’ve got nine home organization tips to help tidy up that will fit any budget.

1. Toilet Paper Tubes

Instead of tossing toilet paper tubes, use them to keep cords identified and tangle-free. No more fussing through a container filled with cords – label tubes with what each cord belongs to before sticking all newly-filled tubes into an organized box.

2. Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are perhaps the ultimate item to repurpose. Here are a few ideas to use for organization.

  • Drawer dividers. Use boxes in kitchens and bathroom drawers. Cut them according to size and then decorate them with self-adhesive shelf liner.
  • Decorative storage containers. Cover boxes with pretty fabric and place them in the corner of any room—a great way to be stylish on the cheap while simultaneously serving an organizational purpose.
  • Filing system. Use cereal boxes to organize and store important papers. Cover with paper and label each box. Easy peasy stackable storage.
  • Magazine organizers. Cut a diagonal opening on one side of a cereal box, cover the box with paper, and then label what magazines are in each box.

Boxes made of cardboard are so versatile—just use your imagination.

3. Baby food jars

Old baby food jars can look stylish while helping organize the smaller and easy to lose items. Use them for:

  • Hair ties and small clips
  • Buttons
  • Spices (especially great if homegrown and dried!)
  • Cotton balls
  • Screws, nails, nuts, and bolts
  • Any small item

Baby food (or small jam) jars are also great for under-shelf storage. Nice and compact, they can also be decorated to match any room’s décor.

4. Trays, Bowls, and Baskets

Having trouble with paper, mail, and other clutter piling up? Strategically place pretty trays, bowls, and baskets throughout the home to serve as a “catch-all” for miscellaneous items that otherwise clutter counters, tables, and other areas. Designate one to be “priority” items only so they don’t get lost in the shuffle and can be looked through daily.

Pro Tip: To avoid overflow, set a goal to clean these out at least once a month.

5. Ice Cube Trays

Another handy and versatile item, ice cube trays can be used to sort jewelry or office supplies. Even better is they can even be stashed out of sight in a drawer.

6. Belts and Shower Hooks

Shower hooks are an inexpensive way to store belts, lightweight purses, and other miscellaneous items that tend to get lost in the closet. Just place the hook on the closet’s bar and each item has its own place to be hung.

7. Storage Ottoman

This costs a bit more than recycled items or those bought at the dollar store but is worth the investment. Add stylish components to any room with a small ottoman or stool with storage underneath. If ambitious, this is a great DIY project.

8. Install Built-In Shelves

Small spaces are often difficult to utilize to their fullest. Built-in shelves can completely transform a room’s aesthetic, making it look larger while serving a practical purpose. If built-in shelves aren’t an option, try perimeter shelving instead.

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