Moving can be stressful. If you’re moving tomorrow, take some time tonight to relax. Remember that your moving day will be time-consuming, and may be physically demanding if you’re moving the boxes on your own. Relaxing tonight can help you be prepared for what will come tomorrow.

1. Enjoy Some Lemonade With Your Loved One

Once you’ve packed the last box, get out some lemonade and sit down with your loved one or all the members of your household and enjoy the fruits of your labor. You’re packed and ready to go. You deserve a break!

2. Meditate

If you’re feeling a little out of sorts (and it’s completely understandable if you are), then meditating can help you feel more settled and calm. Tomorrow will be a big day, and a big change that will affect you for years to come. Take some time to meditate because it feels good, it’s healthy, and you’ll feel less stress once you’ve done it. If you’ve never meditated before, consider listening to a guided meditation recording online. There are many free guided meditation programs on youtube.

3. Eat an Easy Dinner

Don’t stress yourself out by forcing yourself to cook. Get take out from one of the restaurants in your area, or buy a meal from your local grocery store deli. Use disposable kitchenware to make clean up easy and fast.

4. Play a Game

After dinner’s over, play a game with your family. You may have already packed your games, but some games require no materials. There are many games online that you can play without any board, dice or cards. You can also play a simple game of I Spy, Charades, or Simon Says. Playing games with your family makes the time go fast, even if the cable television has already been shut off and the entertainment you normally keep lying around has been packed away.

5. Get to Bed Early

One more way that you can relax on the day before a big move is to get to bed early. You’ll need a good night’s sleep to manage the activity of tomorrow, so turn in early. If you find yourself laying awake worrying about what’s happening tomorrow, try counting sheep or thinking about your breathing. Going to bed early can help you feel rested and prepared for the next day. Make this one a priority!

Want to Take the Stress Out of Moving? Hire a Moving Company

Moving is a lot of work. The more work it is, the more stressful it might feel! You can take the stress out of moving by hiring a moving company to do the hard lifting for you. If you’re planning an upcoming relocation, contact a moving company that can help you with the packing, loading, and unloading in your new home. Working with a reputable moving company will give you the time to manage stress and focus on self-care during your upcoming relocation. You’ll feel better the night before you move, knowing that your relocation is being handled by someone who knows what to do.