In many cases, when people move, they’re constrained by factors like when their new job starts or when their old lease runs out. But maybe you’re lucky and have some flexibility for your move; you can avoid peak moving season to gain flexibility. And now, you’re wondering when the best time to move is.

Considering moving is a huge ordeal that takes up lots of your time and money, you’ll want to choose a time that’s right for you. Keep reading to discover some pros and cons of moving during each season. Ultimately, you must set your priorities to determine when you should move.  You’ll see that cost, move date flexibility, and ease of moving seems to be in tension.

Springtime Moves

Early spring will be the off-peak season for professional movers, so getting their services will be easier (and cheaper). The weather will be nice as well, for the most part.

But if you have kids, it can be challenging. For example, spring is usually when they have exams and other activities, which can interfere with your moving schedule.

Summer Moving Season

If you need to sell your home, this is a great time to do so, as it’s peak season. You’ll get more money for your sale, which can make the move easier in a financial sense.

However, the weather may be extremely hot, and your children may have many summer activities planned. And because it’s the peak season for moving, you may have a tough time finding professional movers who can accommodate your schedule.

Fall Moves

The main advantage of moving in the fall is how mild the weather can be. It also gives you time to get used to your new home and surroundings by the time the holiday season arrives. Plus, you might be able to purchase a home for cheaper, as fall is the start of the off-peak selling season.

But fall is another season that presents a challenge if you have kids. You’ll have to possibly uproot them at the beginning of the school year and start somewhere new over again.

Winter Moving

Not many people choose to move during the winter because of how bad the weather can sometimes get. Children are also still in school, so moving before the holidays would be inconvenient.

Because of this, you may be able to get some great deals with moving companies, as it’ll be the slow season for them. It’ll also be easier for them to accommodate your schedule, as theirs won’t be as packed.

However, the weather may be so bad during this time that moves can be not just inconvenient but also dangerous.

Choose the Best Time to Move for an Easier Time

As you can see, the best time to move will differ from person to person. But if you need some guidance to make the best choice for you and your family, then our guide is a fantastic place to start. From there, you can consider your choices, weigh your options, and make a better-informed decision for your move.

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