When you move to a new house, cooking can be challenging. Not just the first or second meal, but for the first weeks and even months while you still discover favorite bowls and utensils tucked far away, deep in a box that landed in the wrong room or didn’t look important when you first moved in.

But don’t dismay – we’ve gathered a list of 10 meals that can be made with a microwave, one microwave-safe dish, and one utensil (plus groceries, of course!) so you can cook when you have just one kitchen box unpacked and ready to go.

#1 – Potato Chip Hotdish

A guilty pleasure, potato chip hotdish is made by tossing rich pantry staples into a casserole dish and microwaving until hot. It’s really that easy!

You can find the full recipe here: https://www.bigoven.com/recipe/potato-chip-hotdish/1795318.

#2 – Ham-Wrapped Pickles

You don’t even need a microwave to make this decadent lunch or snack; just pickles, sliced lunch meat, cream cheese, and a spoon or a knife.

Here’s the recipe if you’d like to give it a shot: https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/ham-pickle-wraps/

#3 – Easy Microwave Chicken Divan

You can make a pan of delicious chicken for supper with just a few pantry staples, including a couple of cans of chicken and parmesan cheese. Consider serving it over baked potatoes to make it more filling.

The whole recipe is here: https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/236969/easy-microwave-chicken-divan/

#4 – Microwave Fried Rice

Are you craving Chinese food during the first week in your new house? This recipe has you covered! It takes less than ten ingredients and less than 10 ten minutes, and best yet – you need just a bowl, a mug, and a spoon.

You can find the full (and easy) recipe here: https://tasty.co/recipe/microwave-fried-rice

#5 – 4-Minute Chicken Quesadilla

You’ll have to use either canned chicken or store-bought grilled/fully-cooked chicken for this one, but it’s super quick (just a couple of minutes), super festive, and super easy even if you haven’t unpacked yet.

You can find everything you need to know here: https://tasty.co/recipe/microwave-4-minute-chicken-quesadilla

#6 – Omelete In a Mug

Try this delicious omelet in a mug! Aside from just four ingredients, you only need a mug and fork.

You can find the whole (tiny) recipe here: https://tasty.co/recipe/microwave-3-minute-omelette-in-a-mug

#7 – Barbeque Chicken Nachos

Craving food that doesn’t taste like it was made in the microwave? These decadent nachos have you covered. Of course, they require a few more ingredients (still less than 10), but all you need is a plate and a bowl for this easy finger food!

Here’s the recipe: https://tasty.co/recipe/microwave-4-minute-bbq-chicken-nachos

#8 – Microwave Mac ‘n Cheese

For single-serving macaroni & cheese with just four real ingredients (water, salt, and pepper don’t count), try this quick and easy recipe from Tasty!


Moving is chore enough in itself; take care of yourself by keeping the most important things close to the truck’s door and using these great easy recipes to take the pressure off during the first week!