Your office relocation is coming up quickly, and it’s time to start thinking about what supplies will help you through this important event. Unless you’re hiring a full-service mover to pack up your business, you’ll need a variety of tools to make packing go well.

Packing without the right tools can lead to broken electronics, lost items, disorganization and chaos throughout your office relocation. Below are several items you should plan to have with you during your upcoming move.

Boxes, Markers, Packing Tape

You’re going to need boxes, markers and packing tape: a lot of it. Buy boxes in different sizes and different dimensions to make packing easier.

Many people in your office will need cartons large enough to hold file folders and 8.5×11 sheets of paper, but smaller boxes may be needed for desk supplies. Larger boxes can be used to pack items like presentation materials, large pieces of electronic equipment, large paper cutters and more.

One way that you can find out what size boxes people in your office need is by taking a survey of your workers and allowing them to order as many boxes as they plan to pack. This will give you a sense of how many boxes are actually required for your relocation.


Assuming that you’re going to be packing boxes all around the office and later consolidating them into one or two spaces inside your office, you’re going to want at least one dolly, and maybe more. You may be able to rent a dolly from your relocation company, or buy one from an office supply store.

Spreadsheet for Inventory

It’s helpful to make a spreadsheet of everything that’s being packed. Create a spreadsheet for inventorying purposes. If multiple people around the office will be filling out the spreadsheet, show them how to fill it out correctly to ensure the spreadsheet stays useful to you.

Bubble Wrap and Packing Supplies

Packing fragile items requires lots of bubble wrap and other packing supplies. Keep bubble wrap on hand, and distribute it to everyone on staff to ensure they have the bubble wrap they need to pack their things safely.

Large Labels

Every box needs a proper label to ensure that the box itself isn’t misplaced. But labels for each box and instruct staff who will be writing on the labels.

Maybe you want the labels to indicate who packed the box, what department they’re in, and what’s in the box. Pass these instructions along to ensure that anyone packing a box will label it appropriately.

On a side note, you may also need boxes that are labeled “Fragile” and “this end up.” Keep these stickers on hand to give them to staff. Anything that they could use to avoid writing more words when labeling boxes will help your staff save time.

Planning an Office Relocation? Contact a Reputable Moving Company

Moving is easier when you’re working with a reputable moving company. Your office can be packed and unpacked for you with full-service office movers. To find out about how you can get started, call today to get a quote for your upcoming relocation.