How much to tip movers is a tricky topic. Like any service for which you usually add a tip, a lot depends on the level of service you receive. It gets more complicated because, unlike dining out, people don’t move often enough to get a feel for how much to tip.

Amounts for the Movers’ Tip

There are no hard and fast rules about tipping movers. But here are some of the more common approaches

  • 15%-20% of the move cost split among the movers. Some recommend a 10% tip, but that seems low if the service is good.
  • $5-$10 per hour per mover for long distance, $4-$6 for local moves.
  • Flat tip of $20 – $50/ mover
  • Minimum of $20/half day of moving work.

Keep in mind that tipping is not mandatory. There may be times when a tip is not earned. If the crew is discourteous, late, slow, or not careful with your belongings, it is within your discretion not to tip or tip on the lower end.

Tipping movers a bit more may be warranted. Are they responsive to your questions or request? Do you have a lot of small or fragile items to which they give appropriate care? Do they take great care in protecting the old or new home during the move? You may find the moving crew does other things that justify a bigger tip.

Beyond Tipping Movers to Show Appreciation

Good movers work hard. In addition to deserving a nice monetary tip, you can show your appreciation throughout the moving process. Simply thanking them when you see them taking care of a special item or letting them know you appreciate the extra padding they’ve laid out can go a long way.

  • “Thank you” means a lot as a mover is working throughout the day and would be welcomed.
  • Providing some beverage options and snacks for them the grab during the day.
  • Clearing a path between the house and the moving truck shows consideration and makes the movers’ job safer.

From tipping to simple words, showing appreciation to your movers doesn’t take much and can go a long way to making the move easier for you and the professionals.